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Diane Turner

February 1, 2018

Research Administration

University of Alberta

1.  You were involved with the Alberta MS Network (endMS) during your time as a Masters student and administrative research assistant at the University of Alberta. For you, what was the most beneficial aspect of the Network?

The network benefited me in a lot of ways - directly to my research and indirectly. While a Masters student I became involved and created relationships with fellow peers, collaborators, and PIs which developed my knowledge and project hypotheses focused on MS and the immune system within the CNS. The network linked me with those who had depth of knowledge in related worlds while having a greater perspective of the landscape and the realities of research, clinical trials and health economics in Canada. As an administrator, the challenges associated with grant applications, and the pressures of clinician-scientists were highlighted, as well as the hard work of those trying to move the dial forward to find a cure for MS.


2.  Can you tell us a little about your current position?

I currently work in research administration at the University of Alberta.

3.  Do you have any advice for our trainees?

Squeeze this network for connections, assistance and support - you never know what will be the end result of your interaction within the network. In return, contribute, connect others and assist the network to continue growing so that others can benefit like you have.


4.  Any other information that you would like to share.

Day to day research isn't the most glamourous - but when you step back it becomes clearer. The puzzle pieces do form a greater picture and you have to focus on your puzzle piece to help out the larger cause.



182A Heritage Medical Research Building
3330 Hospital Drive NW
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta  T2N 4N1

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