Alumnus Profile

Dr. Yohannes Haile

January 1, 2018

Biologist/Scientific Evaluator

Centre for Biologics Evaluation, Health Canada

1.      You were involved with the Alberta MS Network (endMS) during your time as a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Alberta. For you, what was the most beneficial aspect of the Network?


I had been actively involved in the Alberta endMS (now Alberta MS Network) during the entire time of my stay at the University of Alberta so that I can mention several reasons that kept me engaged in the network. The enthusiastic leadership of Dr. Wee Yong, the competency of the coordinators/managers, the commitment of committee members, as well as the quality of MS research and researchers were key elements that contributed to the sustainable growth of the network, and in attracting young and bright trainees and scientists. This growth in turn created wider opportunities to foster collaborations and networking. Through the network, I got familiarized with the expertise of labs and researchers across Alberta so that I knew where to go/whom to contact for technical support, scientific advice and/or project collaboration. Moreover, I was one of the beneficiaries of the trainee exchange award and trainee education awards. These awards allowed me to present my data in national and international conferences, as well as to gain stem cell related technical training at the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (University of Toronto). The expertise I acquired in the latter is still relevant in my current position.



2.      Can you tell us a little more about your current position and the work you are doing?


I am currently, since June 2017, working in a capacity of Biologist/Scientific Evaluator at the Centre for Biologics Evaluation, Health Canada in Ottawa. My work includes reviewing and evaluating clinical trial applications and new drugs submissions. The primary mandate of my position is to assess and regulate the benefits and risks (risk-benefit assessment) of biologics, and to maximize the safety, quality and efficacy of these biological products before they enter in to the Canadian market. My broader academic background and training has been instrumental in fitting in this position. However, I still need to constantly update myself with the advancements of science and technology through regular literature searches and attending conferences/seminars.


3.      Do you have any advice for our trainees?


Alberta MS Network is an excellent platform where you can engage with junior and senior scientists, clinicians and fellow students. The network organizes many events throughout the years, and offers several opportunities including trainee exchange award and trainee education award. I strongly encourage every trainee to take advantage of these opportunities, and be actively involved in the events. The network is endowed with internationally recognized scientists and clinicians so that you can engage in any topic pertinent to multiple sclerosis.


Oh yeah, the platform sometimes goes beyond the scope of being scientific networking. It happened to be a platform where beautiful and talented trainees met and tied the knot (should I mention names…..:-)


4.      Any other information that you would like to share.

I reiterate the need of active engagement and networking. Expand your set of skills beyond the horizon of your specific field of study, because, you may not know where you will land for the next chapter of your career.



182A Heritage Medical Research Building
3330 Hospital Drive NW
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta  T2N 4N1

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