Note from Dr. V. Wee Yong

September 25, 2015

I am writing this note on behalf of the Alberta MS (transitioning from Alberta endMS) Network Steering Committee comprising of Dr. Chris Power, Dr. Gerlinde Metz, Dr. Penny Smyth, Dr. Shalina Ousman, Dr. Katayoun Alikhani and myself.

Since its inception in 2009, the Alberta endMS Regional Research and Training Centre (the ‘Alberta endMS Network’) has become an outstanding success. We have grown in size, reach and potential. I am truly proud of what we have accomplished and what we have become.  I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your involvement and hard work over the years. There have been significant advances made by our members, and more scientific and medical discoveries lie ahead.

Our official support from the MS Society of Canada will come to an end December 2015 and so we must move away from the “endMS” brand (which returns to the national office for traineeship awards).

It is my pleasure to introduce the Alberta MS Network.

Under this new name and brand, much will remain the same. One difference is that our funding comes from hands-off industry sponsorship and other potential sources. I see this as a unique opportunity to expand and bring transparency to MS research in the province.  It is my hope that we will continue working and learning together, extend our training and research activities, and remain focused on improving the lives of those living with MS.

While your comments are always welcome, your feedback on what has worked and what hasn’t will be particularly helpful over the next few months while we work to advance our current Network into an even better MS research and training collaborative environment. Please click on this SurveyMonkey link ( and complete the 5 minute evaluation. All information provided will remain anonymous.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, and I look forward to your invaluable participation in the Alberta MS Network.


V. Wee Yong, Professor

Director, Alberta MS Network



182A Heritage Medical Research Building
3330 Hospital Drive NW
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta  T2N 4N1

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