Steering Committee Members

"We have become an interactive network of trainees, investigators from the basic neurosciences, neurologists and clinician scientists, all working together on MS. I welcome you to explore our website to learn more about our network and the opportunities to collaborate."     -     V. Wee Yong, Ph.D, Network Director

V. Wee Yong, Ph.D

Director, Alberta MS Network

Professor, Clinical Neurosciences and Oncology, University of Calgary

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Trisha Lichtenberger, Ph.D

Manager, Alberta MS Network

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Katayoun Alikhani, MD

Assistant Professor, Neurology, University of Calgary

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Carlos Camara-Lemarroy, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor (Neurology), University of Calgary

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Bradley Kerr, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, University of Alberta

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Hedwich Kuipers, PhD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Neurosciences, University of Calgary

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Gerlinde Metz, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Neuroscience, University of Lethbridge

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Jason Plemel, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (Neurology), University of Alberta

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Christopher Power, MD

Professor, Medicine (Neurology), University of Alberta

Adjunct Professor, Psychiatry, University of Alberta

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Penny Smyth, MD

Director, Neurology Residency Program

Assistant Professor, Medicine, University of Alberta

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*** Due to COVID-19 pandemic, some in-person activities are temporarily suspended. However, we are offering seminars and lectures online via Zoom. Please visit our website regularly to stay updated on our current educational activities.


182A Heritage Medical Research Building
3330 Hospital Drive NW
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta  T2N 4N1

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